Here is a collection of my favorite abstract photographs. All images are available for purchase as luxury fine art, gallery quality aluminum or Lumachrome acrylic prints. Click on a photo below to see more.

oil stain abstract, color, texture, Thimphu, Bhutan, Asia
Windhoek, Namibia, Africa, tree trunk, leaves
elephant, lens, safari, wildlife photography tip, texture, skin, ear, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, Africa
Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda, Africa, wood, texture, abstract
Luanda, Angola, Africa, reflection, colorful, abstract image
Luanda, Angola, Africa, red leaf, almond tree, sand, color, texture, abstract
close up, vegetables, Punakha, Bhutan, Asia, onions, tomatoes, green beans, abstract, color
flower market, Mandalay, Myanmar, Asia, senses, colorful, close up, abstract, red and yellow roses
Bagan, Myanmar, Asia, Irrawaddy River, colorful boats, reflection, abstract, color, pattern
geological formation, Mauritius, Africa, colors, abstract, Seven Coloured Earths
abstract image, metal bowl, Buddha Dordenma Temple, Thimphu, Bhutan, Asia, color, texture
baobab tree, imbondeiro, Luanda, Angola, Africa, close up, abstract
abstract, close up, tree trunk, golden hour, Berkeley, California, San Francisco, USA
columns, Mandalay Palace, Myanmar, Asia, abstract image, pattern, color
Philippines, Asia, Ifugao, flower necklaces, abstract image, color, line
flower market, Mandalay, Myanmar, Asia, crates, color, line, texture
abstract, geological formation, Mauritius, Africa, sand of many colors, Seven Coloured Earths
Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, plant, yucca, close up
market, Punakha, Bhutan, Asia, red pepper, white garlic, pattern, food, ingredients, close up