Blog Gallery: What Are 3 Insider Interior Decoration Tips Every Homeowner Needs To Know? - July 2020

Tip #1 — Size matters…

When choosing art for your wall, the size of the art is critical. The larger the empty space, and the larger the room, the larger the piece must be to make a visual impact. A small image on a large wall will feel inadequate and not give the intended impression. Below you can see the same image on the same wall in two different sizes.

, photo

16" x 24" Print of White Horse Blue Eye

decorate your bedroom, wall art, fine art print, interior design, photo

30" x 45" Print of White Horse Blue Eye

As you can see, the smaller 16" x 24" print as seen in the first image does not command your attention as the larger 30" x 45" print does in the second image. If you want your guests to be impressed by your house, you must use large prints.

Tip #2 — Coordinate your colors…

As for everything with interior design, the colors must match. Don’t try to put colorful art in a neutral themed room or vice versa. If the art has bold colors like red, yellow, or purple, it is best that there is something in the room that also has that color, like a sofa or even a throw rug.

, photo

40" x 60" Print of Twisted Tree in Living Room

The image above shows a large print of a sweeping landscape with the neutral colors of brown and grey. This is a beautiful image, but the colors are natural and subdued. Therefore, it is best to place it in a room of neutral colors as well, such as the grey and white room shown above.

decorate, living room, wall art, fine art print, interior design, photo

40" x 60" of Monk Feet in Living Room

This image, however, has some powerful red and orange, which work best in a room that has some color as well. The red pillows on the couch help to accent the monk’s robes in the photograph, tying the design together.

Tip #3 — Choose your theme…

There are many different genres of fine art photography to choose from. The four main types of photography we sell at Jason Clendenen Photography are nature, wildlife, abstract, and travel. If you are designing the interior of your home, pick a theme or at least complimentary themes to tie a room together. If you like nature, go for landscapes. If you like wildlife, choose accordingly.

It is easier to use one theme for the entire house than to do each room differently and hope they are well coordinated. Think about what you love to see, what captures your attention and creates an emotional connection for you. Then stick to it. Your guests will be amazed at your collection of art.

Below are some samples of the four main categories of fine art photography:

image of lion, landscape image, young lion, Etosha National Park, Namibia, Africa, telephoto lens, photo

Fine Art Wildlife Photography - Young Male Lion

landscape scene, Luzon, Philippines, Asia, rice terraces, mountains, clouds, river, photo

Fine Art Nature Photography - Rice Valley

oil stain abstract, color, texture, Thimphu, Bhutan, Asia, abstract image, close up, photo

Fine Art Abstract Photography - Oil Stain Abstract

lake, Mandalay, dawn, Myanmar, Asia, boat, fisherman, net, sun, sunrise, travel images, silhouette, photo

Fine Art Travel Photography - Fisherman Throwing Net From Myanmar

Note my favorite images are for sale as luxury fine art prints (sublimated aluminum metal and Lumachrome acrylic wall art) on my online photography gallery that you can access here.

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