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In December 2018 the whole family took a three week trip to Uganda to see a wonderful variety of farina animals including the classics like elephants, giraffes, lions, antelope, etc. as well as the more unique rhinoceroses, chimpanzees, and mountain gorillas. Below you will see silverback gorillas, a baby gorilla, images of lions, landscape photos, bird images, chimps, and more.

Note my favorite images are for sale as luxury fine art prints (sublimated aluminum metal and Lumachrome acrylic wall art) in my online photography gallery that you can access here.

You can also purchase directly from this page by clicking the 'Prints Available' link under the available images.

rhinos, Ziwa, Uganda, Africa, wildlife, African animals, photo

Ziwa Rhinos

Just a few hours from Kampala lies the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, which is managed by the Rhino Fund Uganda. This non-profit runs a rhino re-introduction program and is home to the only wild rhino population in Uganda. We were privileged to be able to watch a couple baby southern white rhinos playing in the rain.

Ziwa, rhino, Uganda, Africa, photo

Rhino Trekking

My son, Dylan, enjoyed trekking and looking for the rhinos with our guide. Like most wild animals, rhinos can be dangerous if frightened, so it is important to always follow the guides. There are guards watching the rhinos 24/7 to prevent poaching.

elephant, Nile River, Muchrison Falls National Park, Uganda, Africa, wildlife, African animals, wildlife photography, photo

Uganda Elephant

From the rhino sanctuary, we made out way to Murchison Falls National Park. Here we stayed along the Nile River, taking several drives and boat rides to catch the typical African wildlife such as this elephant seen on the banks of the river. Did you know that elephants are good swimmers? They also typically stay near water as they need to drink about 50 gallons per day! They are the largest of the African animals and make for amazing wildlife photography.

Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda, Africa, waterfall, Nile River, photo

Murchison Falls

At the Devil's Cauldron, the mighty Nile River is squeezed into an area only 26 ft across, creating a powerful waterfall and current that kept pushing our boat away.

While taking a boat down the Nile River, it is easy to find swarms of hippos. Uganda, Africa has one of the largest concentration of hippos in the world. For those not familiar with hippos, they are actually quite aggressive and territorial causing quite a few deaths every year by overturning boats. This guy was watching us, and when we got a bit too close, he let us know by charging in our direction. Fortunately the boat captain was familiar with hippo behavior, so we quickly backed away out of danger, but not before getting this great shot. It is important to understand your subject when shooting wildlife photography, not only to get great wildlife images, but to stay safe!

shoebill, Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda, Africa, wildlife, bird images, photo


The Shoebill is a prehistoric looking bird classified as vulnerable due to its limited range and population, making it a unique, if not beautiful, bird image. We were lucky to see one on the banks of Lake Albert.

Uganda, Africa, wildlife, crested crane, bird, Murchison Falls National Park, bird images, photo

Crested Crane

The Crested Crane is the national bird of Uganda.

Uganda, bird, kingfisher, Nile River, Murchison Falls National Park, Africa, wildlife, bird image, image of kingfisher, photo

image of kingfisher

There are several beautiful species of kingfisher in Uganda, Africa. This black and white pied kingfisher was hanging out on the banks of the Nile. He stood still just long enough for me to get this shot before flying off. This is my favorite bird image from Uganda.

giraffe, wildlife, Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda, Africa, Nile River, photo

Giraffe and River

One example of a typical view on a Uganda Safari, here a giraffe looks over the landscape with the Nile River in the background.

giraffe, safari, Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda, Africa, wildlife photography, image of giraffe, photo

image of giraffe

Portrait of a giraffe. Giraffe are quite docile and, if not spooked, can be approached to a reasonably close distance for nice close up shots. Portraits are a nice way to capture wildlife photography, as they give a sense of intimacy.

chimpanzee, Kibale National Park, Uganda, Africa, wildlife photography, apes, , photo

Chimp Yelling

After a few days of traditional safari, we went to Kibale National Park to see one of the unique experiences that Uganda has to offer, a visit with wild chimpanzees. The park contains almost 1500 chimpanzees, which live in family groups throughout the park. The rangers track and protect these groups, so they will lead you to them through the dense brush.

There are two main ways to visit the chimpanzees in Uganda: trekking and habituation. Trekking is the easier of the two, as you go with a guide to a group of chimps that are already used to humans. These chimps are easier to find and follow as they do not typically run away. The time allowed with the chimps is more limited as they have multiple groups of people to accomodate.

Habituation, however, is a much more fulfilling experience as you go deeper into the jungle and spend more time with a group of chimps that is not yet fully used to humans. These chimpanzees then have more natural behavior, including moving away from humans, but also in terms of their communication. They will from time to time start to jump and scream, beating tree trunks like a drum in order to keep in contact with other nearby chimp groups. It is an unforgettable experience and resulted in some incredible wildlife photos!

habituation, trekking, chimpanzees, Uganda, Africa, image of jungle, photo

Chimp Trekking

The path through the jungle is not always a easy as this! Often times there is no path as you look for the chimps up in the trees.

landscape, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, Africa, wildlife, mountains, landscape photography, African animals, photo

Queen Elizabeth Landscape

Queen Elizabeth National Park straddles the equator and is home to classic big game and some spectacular views such as the image above, making it a great place for landscape photography, especially when you can capture some African animals in the foreground.

lion, wildlife, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, Africa, images of lions, photo

Uganda Lion

Lions can be hard to find, especially when the grass is tall. We were fortunate to find a small group relaxing in the hot mid-day sun and were able to get some images of lions after all.

hippo, wildlife, mouth, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, Africa, photography tip, wildlife photography, hippo open mouth, photo

Hippo Mouth

I've been to several African countries, but I've never seen as many hippos as in Uganda! Every water hole was filled with the guys. Watch them long enough, and you might get a menacing "yawn" like this! Photography tip - wildlife photography requires patience because you never know when the animal will make a move like this hippo opening his mouth.

elephant, lens, safari, wildlife photography tip, texture, skin, ear, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, Africa, abstract image, photo

Elephant Skin Abstract

Wild elephants can be quite aggressive, which is why it is good to have a long lens on safari to be able to get in close - wildlife photography tip! This elephant was actually on the edge of a lake, and I was in a boat, allowing me to get closer than normal as well. For this image, I chose to focus on the texture of the skin. The right part of the image is the ear, with a decent chunk missing from a hard life. The left of the image is the back with the deep lines in the tough skin. Taking close up shots like this create an abstract image.

volcanic crater, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, Africa, landscape photograph, travel photography, photo

Uganda Crater

Near Queen Elizabeth National Park is a group of craters from past volcanic activity. This landscape photo combines people and landscapes to give a since of scale.

landscape image, buffalo skull, road, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, photography tip, photo

Buffalo Skull Landscape

There is always a cycle of life and death on the savannah. I borrowed this skull from the front gate and hauled it around with us in the jeep until I found a good place to take an image. Photography tip - you often times have to make your own photo.

landscape photo, Uganda, Africa, mountains, flowers, photo

Uganda Mountains

After leaving the savannah, we headed towards the mountains of south west Uganda in search of gorillas. This scene is from a pit stop along the way to Lake Mutanda. It is a landscape photo with flowers and mountains.

portrait, African woman, Uganda, Africa, photo

Uganda Woman

A friendly African woman walking in the mountainous south west of Uganda; always time for a portrait!

landscape photo, Lake Mutanda, Uganda, Africa, volcano, Muhabura Mountain, image of volcano, photo

Volcano Lake

Landscape photo of Lake Mutanda. You can see the large Muhabura Mountain volcano in the background. It's not everyday you get to capture an image of a volcano and a lake together!

Lake Mutanda, Uganda, Africa, boat dock, Muhabura Volcano, landscape photo, photo


The hotel we stayed at had a couple of boat docks. This one points straight to the nearby Muhabura Volcano. This landscape photo brings the viewer into the lake using the leading lines of the dock.

sunset, sunrise, Lake Mutanda, Uganda, Africa, Muhabura Mountain, Virunga, Rwanda, gorilla tracking, photography tip, landscape photos, flower, photo

Flowers on the Lake

Sunset on the side of Lake Mutanda. You can see the large Muhabura Mountain volcano in the background, part of the Virunga Mountain Range between Uganda and Rwanda. We stayed here as a base for gorilla tracking - images from that wonderful experience can be found in my wildlife album here. Photography tip - landscape photos work better if there is something interesting in the foreground, like the flowers in this image.

gorilla habituation, Bwindi Impenetrable Forrest National Park, Uganda, Africa, mountain gorillas, jungle, photo

Gorilla Trekking

Nearby Lake Mutanda, we visited Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for our gorilla experiences.

Similar to the chimpanzees, there are two ways to visit the gorillas in Uganda, trekking and habituation. Trekking is easier as the guides can bring you right to a group of nearby gorillas that are already used to humans, in fact we were close enough to touch the silverback! However, your time with the is limited.

Habituation is the more difficult and rewarding experience as you will have to trek far into the mountains to find a group that is being habituated to people. I was the only tourist on my habituation experience, and there were seven locals including guides, guards, and trackers. It took 3 hours of walking up and down in the mountain jungle (often with no trail) to locate our group. Since they are not used to people, they move away, and they are much faster than humans and moving through the jungle, so sometimes we were almost at a run to keep up! I was able to spend 3-4 hours with them, then had to hike back another 3 hours to the road.

I was completely exhausted, but the experience was definitely worth it to see these beautiful creatures in the wild. It was the highlight of the trip!

wildlife image, mother and baby, baby gorilla, trekking experience, Bwindi Impenetrable Forrest National Park, Uganda, Africa, images of gorillas, photo

Mom and Baby Gorilla

Wildlife image of a mother and baby gorilla during a trekking experience in Bwindi Impenetrable Forrest National Park, Uganda. It was lots of fun to watch the young ones, including this baby, play around in the dense jungle. Images of gorillas, especially baby gorillas, always capture my attention.

image of silverback gorilla, Bwindi Impenetrable Forrest National Park, Uganda, Africa, habituation tour, trekking experience, African animals, silverback gorilla, photo

image of silverback gorilla

I was charged by this large silverback gorilla when he thought I was trying to get between him and one of his children. Nothing helps you remember an experience more than thinking you won't live to tell the tale! Fortunately for me it was just a warning, and he eventually settled down to eat some plants where I was able to take this image from a safe distance using a large telephoto lens. This experience and capturing images of gorillas like this is in the wild is an unforgettable moment for any wildlife photographer.

wildlife image, herd of zebra, Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda, Africa, photo

Lake Mburo Zebra

Group of zebra walking along the road at Lake Mburo National Park, the last part we visited on our Uganda trip.

children, equator monument, Uganda, Africa, travel photography, fine art, photo

Uganda Equator

What trip to Uganda would be complete without a family photo at the Equator? Here you can see my children: Stella, Dylan, and Leila after we enjoyed a cold drink at the restaurant behind this monument.

I hope you have enjoyed this photo blog of our trip to Uganda. Please use the comment section below if you have any questions or comments.

Note my favorite images are for sale as luxury fine art prints (sublimated aluminum metal and Lumachrome acrylic wall art) in my online photography gallery that you can access here.

You can also purchase directly from this page by clicking the 'Prints Available' link under the available images.

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