Blog Gallery: The Best Interior Design Websites - July 2020

This list aims to collate the best resources for interior design information and advice on the internet today - the best interior design websites in 2020. This has been split into several categories to suit different needs and interests within the world of interior design, meaning that hopefully you can establish where to look for different resources around the topic, enabling you to make your house feel like a home true to your unique style. The categories include decoration tips, advice on using fine art and photography in interior design, interior design software, online design firms, and the best interior design blogs.

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Decoration Tips

House Beautiful - Interior Design Secrets

House Beautiful offer a collected resource of interior design secrets that were previously only known by professionals. This accessible collection of advice will help any amateur or beginner interior designer come to understand better how they can improve their interiors using professional advice. This collection shows a gallery that expands on many different areas within interior design, providing an absolute wealth of knowledge.

    Architectural Digest’s Guided to Interior Decorating

    Here, Architectural Digest breaks down their advice for interior design into helpful subcategories, detailing their advice by the rooms of the house, as well as leaning on well-known designers for particular advice based on their experience and their own homes. This amalgamation of information provides an absolute wealth of help from experts willing to share their personal tips and nuggets of wisdom. Architectural Digest breaks down possibly the best of interior design to be explored today.

    Elle Décor Home Decorating Tips

    Here Elle Décor (an offshoot of Elle Magazine) detail their best tips and pieces of advice for interior design and décor. This inspiring article, combined with plenty of photographic stimuli, provides ideas for every aesthetic and style by factoring in color, motifs and specific pieces to create a unique space to suit you. You’ll be sure to find some inspiration, if not plenty of tips, within this article.


    Houzz offers an incredible space for gaining interior design inspiration. The layout allows you to be as broad or specific as you like, providing a comprehensive search engine so that you have ultimate choice in the inspiration you receive, allowing you to narrow down the style, budget, size and color of the inspiration images you look at. Perhaps this is the most detailed interior design database out there, filled with projects from every sphere of the interior design world.


    The HGTV website is not simply home to shows about interior decoration, providing a plethora of articles detailing how to style your home effectively, incorporating professional information with DIY ideas and functional design advice. This is coupled with a veritable wealth of inspiration for transforming and creating your dream home, meaning you can explore your options when it comes to design whilst also being guided by the professionals.

    Mad About the House Design Classics

    This segment of the Mad About the House blog details components of essential design that we so regularly see and utilize in our own spaces. This series of articles comprehensively breaks down trends, iconic decorative items and styles which continue to shape the world of interior design for all of us, allowing us to assimilate and recreate interior décor ideas we love within our own home.

    Apartment Therapy

    A comprehensive website, Apartment Therapy covers many facets of interior design with a fresh and motivating layout that provides inspiration by the bucketload, as well as advice on style, organization and cleaning within the home, and access to the necessary shopping channels for home improvement. This engaging page will undoubtedly leave you feeling excited to explore new ideas and concepts within the home that showcase your character perfectly.


    The resources Pantone have and allow you to develop information for the selection of colors in your interior design endeavors. Their tools vary between swatches of different materials and mediums, to books and binders of color samples that will fit every need when it comes to designing and planning to fit your personal style. The variety of color tools offered by Pantone mean that anybody exploring interior design at any level can explore the range and find what they are looking for.

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    Advice on Utilizing Fine Art & Photography in Interior Design

    Styling a Room with Photography

    This Elle Décor article provides advice about artfully choosing photography pieces to suit the style of your house. Displaying different kinds of photography, from abstract to portrait, they detail how to make a centerpiece of such artwork and fit it into the style of a specific room within your home. The versatility of fine art photography is certainly showcased within this article, providing advice to apply to many different people.

    Decorating A Home with Art and Paintings

    This page discusses the essential factors in utilizing fine art and photography as tools in interior design for your home. Even if you do not consider yourself knowledgeable about art, the information provided should be enough to help you make decisions about the style and décor of your home in a more informed way.

    The Spruce – Do’s and Don’ts for Decorating with Art

    From a site emphasizing the importance of good décor, this short and informative article details advice for working with art as a tool for interior design. This information provides a vital base for anybody with less experience with design about how you can go about simply and effectively decorating your home to suit your taste. This article plays an important role in busting the myth that your artwork has to be expensive or hard to procure.

    Remodelista – Advice on Displaying Art at Home

    Here, an expert museum curator gives excellent advice on how to tastefully and effectively display art within the home. This interview covers all bases when it comes to art, from the style to the framing, scale and logistics of using art as a decorative tool within your home. The article perfectly encapsulates why and how we should start treating our own houses like galleries and how easily it can be done.

    Photobox – How to Decorate your Home with Photography

    An informative Photobox article listing several ways you can get creative in displaying photography. Consider how you feel the style of your home will be matched by the photographs you display and how you can incorporate artistic and beautiful pictures into your home in a way that represents your family well. This article describes multiple methods of creating atmosphere effectively within the home.

    Jason Clendenen Photography – Interior Design for Your Home Using Fine Art Photography

    This article details the uses of high-quality fine art prints to suit different interiors effectively. Examples of travel photography, abstract images and animal portraits are displayed as purchasable samples of how well this style of artwork can fit within the home, both as a centerpiece or as a minor feature, and how you can use these pieces to express yourself and your character by way of a reflection within your décor.

    Jason Clendenen Photography – 10 Examples of Fine Art Photography

    This is a piece about the features of fine art photography and the effect that this type of work can have within interior design, including the mood and tone that décor can set. This article encourages you to consider the ideas of light, color and composition within the pieces you choose and how this can affect a room. Perhaps this article will help you to choose the types of art you want within your home.

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    Interior Design Software

    Ikea Planners

    This site allows you to test different furnishings and styles of design when you are planning to reconfigure the design for a certain room of your house. You can choose from a variety of different rooms and select specific items of Ikea furniture as a test run before you commit to a real change of design. By having the opportunity to test run your design ideas, you can gain peace of mind when it comes to curating your future interiors on this website.


    Floorplanner is a website that lets you create accurate 2D floorplans, furnish rooms virtually and convert your designs to 3D spaces with ease. Unlike typical floor planning software, you can use Floorplanner entirely in your browser. Floorplanner makes it simple to create professional images of your design aspirations, with over forty million projects already made. Floorplanner also provides the choice to invest at different ‘levels’, so you can use the software according to your needs and will not feel like you’re spending too much.

    Planner 5D

    There are many benefits to using Planner 5D; a simple tool for creating floorplans and elevated 3D models, with highly customizable options for furnishing and designing to suit your personal style and bringing your own unique ideas to life. You can also add shadow and lightwork to create realistic imaging to your projects, so that you can share high quality images of your ideas. This site makes it easy to develop and create a product you will be happy with.

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    Online Design Firms


    The service provided by Upscale is tailored to your individual needs and aspirations for interior design. Upscale posit that everybody deserves to have interior design that suits their needs and allows them to find happiness at home, they hope to achieve this through their unique design service which allows you to consider what you want to get out of your interior design. Working off the mantra that ‘everybody deserves interior design’ they aim to provide an uplifting and thorough service.


    Decorist is a site which enables you to work with an interior designer who understands your budget and style, allowing for ultimate collaboration, promising to ‘take the guess work out of decorating’. Working one-to-one with a professional designer online means ultimate flexibility and convenience in the process of designing. Here, you can choose from a range of well-known and experienced designers to find your perfect match.


    Priding itself on simplicity, Havenly is a platform to share ideas and collaborate when you need help with interior design and decoration. Havenly offer different packages and a ‘concierge team’ to assist you in establishing your dreams and making them a reality. This site focusses on finding personal perfection in your interior design journey. With a simple, bright interface, Havenly is a site which is easy to work with and brimming with inspiration for your home.


    This site promises helpful 3D rendering for your project using actual images of your home, as well as actual furniture from well-known retailers available in conjunction immediately. This service is entirely online and tailored to fix the business of modern schedules. It is as flexible as possible. They seek to work within your budget, only charging up-front so you pay for the content you want, not the hours you spend on it. This service is tailored to working with the needs of the individual, rather than working with a designer’s pre-made portfolio.

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    Best Interior Design Blogs

    Blog on Your Own – Best Interior Design Blogs

    This blog provides a detailed list of ten of the best interior design blogs providing fresh informative content about a variety of areas within design. The variety of blogs surely have something for every taste and will allow you to adopt new ideas and techniques from different individuals with different levels of experience in the field. When you have so many resources, finding something which will inspire you should not be hard.

    Feedspot – Top Interior Design Publications to Follow In 2020

    This list of magazines and publications pertaining to interior design allow you to indulge any interest you have by finding some inspiration in written word. Here you can find out about the most popular publications detailing what’s new in interior design and how you can adopt this into your own home’s design. With this many to choose from, you’re hardly stuck for ideas when it comes to decoration.

    Design Milk

    This site aims to exhibit the best of design within art, architecture and interiors, providing a full showcase of what you can achieve within your home. The sleek and modern interface of Design Milk reflects the simplistic and futuristic ideas presented on the website which aim to build upon culture, environmentalism and contemporary approaches to interior design today.

    Dwelling Gawker

    This site compiles stunning articles on interior design from across the web. The result is a well-curated, clean, inspiring site which displays with simplicity a wealth of information tidily laid out so that you can find what you need with ease. The articles present different facets of the design and décor community from various corners of the internet and the world, presenting a true breadth of style information.

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    40" x 60" Print of Colored Shapes Abstract

    This list of resources should enable you to find renewed inspiration in your interior design exploits, perhaps illuminating new topics or helping shed light on issues you may find in making your house feel like home. Hopefully the discussion of the use of photography and fine art will allow you to find new ideas for some centerpieces or finishing touches on your creative decoration.

    Note my favorite images are for sale as luxury fine art prints (sublimated aluminum metal and Lumachrome acrylic wall art) on my online photography gallery that you can access here.

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