Here is a collection of my favorite travel photos. All images are available for purchase as luxury fine art, gallery quality aluminum or Lumachrome acrylic prints. Click on a photo below to see more.

Ethiopia, Africa, Omo River Valley, Karo tribe, silhouette, sunset
holiday, Paris, France, Notre Dame Cathedral, sunset, Europe
fisherman, net, boat, silhouette, Inle Lake, Myanmar, Asia, starburst
lake, Mandalay, dawn, Myanmar, Asia, boat, fisherman, net, sun, sunrise, travel images, silhouette
sunset, hotel, Grand Baie, Mauritius, Africa, island, braided hair, silhouette
teak wooden bridge, Mandalay, Myanmar, Asia, monks, sunset, iconic image, silhouette
trip, Paris, Eiffel Tower, France, sunset, night, Europe
Punakha market, Bhutan, Asia, persimmons, orange, red, zoom lens, stunning image, travel
Punakha, Bhutan, Asia, woman, composition, hands, clothes, jewelry, image
buddhist monastery, Thimphu, Bhutan, Asia, monk, student, shoes, prayer hall, photography tip
travel photograph, Bhutan, Asia, Punakha, woman, umbrella, terraced rice fields
image, Tiger Nest Temple, Paro, Bhutan, Asia, prayer flags, valley, hike
image, Amarillo, Texas Panhandle, big sky, highway, USA
photo, sunset, Wangdue, Bhutan, Asia, Dzong, temple, fortress, river
Lake Mutanda, Uganda, Africa, boat dock, Muhabura Volcano
image, Amarillo, Texas, USA, road trip
Luzon, Philippines, Asia, traditional outfit, tourist, image, small town, rice terraces, standing guard, cultural heritage
New Year's, travel, Manila, Philippines, Asia, hotel, bay, fireworks
travelled, remote, secluded, beach, Palawan Island, Philippines, Asia, boat, empty, nature, beauty, silence, view, paradise, sunrise
secluded beach, hotel, Palawan Island, Philippines, Asia, kids, beautiful photograph, sunset, silhouette
street photography, image, Paris, France, leaves, yellow car, cafe, foreground, Europe
Paris, France, pigeons, River Seine, Pont Notre-Dame, Pont Au Change, Conciergerie, Marie-Antoinette imprisoned, French Revolution, history, Europe, sunset
Paris, France, care, Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole, yellow leaves, purple chairs, travel, coffee, Europe
tea plantation, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, work, image
shipwreck, abandoned boat, San Francisco, California, Point Reyes, USA
women, emptiness, Thimphu, Bhutan, Asia, negative space, mystery, clouds
hike, mountain, rain, mud, view, Tiger's Nest Temple, Paro, Bhutan, Asia, Paro Taktsang, Buddhism, India, Guru Padmasambahva, meditate, cave, tigress
Bhutan, Asia, side of the road, stream, prayer flags, stupa, chorten
hands, children, grandmother, flower, Punakha, Bhutan, Asia
Dochala Pass, Bhutan, Asia, Himalayas, fog, limited visibility, creative, image, stupa, chorten, fade into obscurity, pattern
Amsterdam, camera gear, iconic image, Netherlands, old bikes, canals, Europe
photograph, sunrise, fisherman, net, water, silhouette, Mandalay, Myanmar, Asia
photograph, sunset, full moon rising, Golden Gate Bridge, downtown San Francisco, California, USA
Mossulo Island, Luanda, Angola, Africa, boat, sunrise, image
cityscape, image, palace, Mandalay, Myanmar, Asia, sunset, reflection, canal
carved wooden statue, sunset, shadows, Inle Lake, Myanmar, Asia